Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Greatest Adventure

It has been quite some time since I've written a journal entry. Our party has stormed a castle and plundered its depths since then. We have also picked up some new and rather interesting allies. Now I believe we are truly invincible. We have established ourselves as a significant threat on the world scale, but with all enemies defeated I think we may truly conquer it all. Then maybe they'll understand why I did what I had to.

After resting for a time we decided to investigate the next room. Inside was an enormous and truly destructive creature, an Aboleth. Normally fiercely intelligent creatures this one in particular acted more like a pet, flailing with its tentacles instead of using its psychic abilities. The warrior with me and the other side of our party quickly demolished the beast, though its mucus had adverse effects on some members of our party, enabling them only to breathe water, and not air.

I had no problems of that sort. After dealing with the beast and a few of its, or maybe its master's underlings we proceeded onwards to the next chamber. Unfortunately we had to wade through sewage and mucus to get there, where we encountered yet another Aboleth. Again we were able to defeat it, though it was more difficult due to the water and our druid's crocodile turning feral.

Arriving at the next chamber we find one of the most impressive beasts in this citadel, an enormous three armed troll. Luckily I had magics to counter a foe of this kind, and using a few strength draining spells he was soon rendered utterly incompetent. After the combat we investigated around and determined it was a relatively safe place to rest, and prepared for the inevitable battle with the master of this place.

Upon setting out with full spells and health we were ready to take on whatever was ahead. Our foe turned out to be a mind flayer, though not a particularly nasty one. He had with him yet another three armed troll but that was all, and with the sheer numbers we had he could not take it and went down quickly, though he severely damaged the warrior part of our party.

Once his beast fell I was able to intimidate the mind flayer into surrendering and joining our crew. He would be given brains occasionally, and bring with him a vast amount of expertise as well as crew members. He brought a number of abominations, and one Aboleth who will soon man our submersible boat, giving us surprise and tactical advantages.

We also learned there is another realm, a Far Realm where the abominations dwell, perhaps an area of conquest once I have amassed a greater collection of knowledge about these creatures. Numbers will not outweigh the sheer strength of fear, not in the hands of a mster like me. Before too long they will all realise what should happen.

So I imprinted the new members of our crew, if necessary I will destroy one to show my power, then they will all fall in line. The Mind Flayer truly believes we are working in his best interests however so I believe he will follow along willingly, at least for awhile.