Friday, April 29, 2011

The Unbelievably Late Tales of Some Rooms

Sorry for such a late post, I lost quite a lot of ambition as the year dragged to a halt, and the ability to perceive things just kind of faded. But, assuming my memory has not completely died, I will try to recount what happened in the final sessions of the term.

So we began the session as we last left off, with the first party having just met up with some dwarves, making a party of 8, and 2 animals. The next obvious option was to go into the next room, by way of ladder. In the previous room lay the corpses of the recently slain abominations. So the druid is decided upon to go and check for traps, a decision made by no one but himself. As expected it did not go well. He fell down a pit, as did his dire badger, Mr. Snuffles.

So now he is in a jail cell, similar to one from a few weeks ago, and needs to find a way to get up the 15 feet. The rest of the party formulates a fairly exhaustive and much discussed plan and how to get across this pit, and after much derision, but no name calling, they decide to have the dragon shaman just kind of jump and float his way over, which he does admirably. Now the process of building a rope bridge begins.

Unfortunately down in the pit someone/thing has taken notice of Mr. Snuffles, and sidles over to the cage to investigate, slowly opening the door. Druid's response is fog, lots of fog, everlasting, all-enveloping fog. This goes exactly as well as planned, mayhaps even better for the druid, since he finds the rope the dragon shaman, threw down, and manages to climb out of the pit. Hurrah. So we now have 2 party members on one side of the pit, 6 on the other, and neither has any idea as to what is happening.

Luckily the druid has gust of wind prepared, so swoosh and much of the fog is gone, the party can see! Unfortunately there is still a fairly substantial pit in the way, and a rope bridge may not cut it. So they attempt to cross, but some fall in, oh no. So eventually all the PCs excepting the druid and scythe wielder are in the pit, and the druid is chucking stones down.

I do believe I forgot to mention the scythe wielder in my last post, he is skeleton warrior type, who likes to be referred to as death, and the party believes is the dragon shaman's pet, so he is accepted. This is the bard player's new character. So back to the pit, the druids throwing stones, hitting his allies a good chunk of the time, and just about everyone is missing down there. Eventually the beast does fall, with only minor cuts and bruises, and everyone manages to climb the rope to get out of the pit. So they then proceed to march to the next door, ever so cautiously open it, and see two enormous centipedes in the next room. Fin. I really hope to finish this to some degree of completeness soon.

The second party's tale is not quite so exciting, mainly consisting of wandering around for a few in game days, and finding out bits and pieces. The most eventful confrontation consists of a combat with 2 praying mantis, similar to the one before. These use a more open approach though, and charge straight at them, followed by the party counter charging. The samurai does his awesome charge smite attack, and manages to smite himself with his one. Not to be overshadowed by some puny mortals, the praying mantis manages to crit himself, followed by a 100 on the 100 sided die. This results in decapitation, with little chance of a saving throw. So he killed himself, but he killed himself really damn well.

We also had some journeys down the road, as the party charges towards certain...something, they're not sure quite what, and neither am I, but it sure as hell will be exciting. They meet with a merchant on the road, mug him, and drive his mule off, much to the consternation of certain party members. Sorry this was kind of a brief description, the session was kind of phoning it in, and to be honest I'm not really sure what happened, that week is mostly a haze for me.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Next Come the Flies

So the second party is now celebrating their victory over the innumerable zombies, and decide they they need to take the initiative, and and after healing up they strut out to finish off the necromancer for ever. This goes exactly as well as they expect it to, surprising everyone.

So they don't meet any opposition on their way to the necromancer, and find him, or something that could be him, discussing some matters of utmost importance with his comrades, some wolves. Using their keen senses they discover he is lamenting the absence of someone, or some large group of somethings, and they manage to convince themselves that full out Leroy Jenkinsing is the answer.

The more sneaky members, the rogue and totemist, try to sneak up behind while the others, samurai, warlock, and engineer just stand there pelting ranged attacks. This works well, until the rogue is sneak attacked by a zombie, and has a fight almost to the death with it. This is a cause for alarm, as the rest of the group grapples, literally in the totemist's case, with the wolves. Now the necromancer at this point has hit the warlock with a negative level, a decently long lasting debuff.

The totemist then springs out, grappling the dwarf, who being a wizard is not too good at hand to hand, biting him repeatably until he eventually crits his face off. The wolves at this point are heavily damaged or dead, and so are easily dealt with. Next comes the wolves, and they go down fairly easily, though the lone zombie manages his escape, a fairly might task for a mindless undead. Then comes the loot gathering, gaining one enchanted chain shirt, and one pair of enchanted bracers.

Now they find some more tracks leading them to a small shrine to Nerull, the death god. They are not immediately aware of this, and are not too weary of the pool of dark, almost black, liquid nearby. The warlock's first response is actually to drink it, followed by a confirmation of this request. This actually works out alright, even though he permanently poisons himself with the taint of evil, but gains the ability to make all knowledge checks, and gains a bonus to initiative. So they decide to stopper up a bottle of this stuff, just in case.

They then go back to town asking everyone they see if they can tell them what it is, but most people don't know, this is when they discover a kobold hiding away, with knowledge of just about everything adding at least +20 to his d20 die roll. This results in quite a few answers, though quite a few questions too. Also I feel I should mention that the party totemist is cursed to not see humans, by the necromancer, and it may take a while for this to be cured.

So they do all this, rest up regaining their spells and such, though the party warlock has a slightly less restful night than normal. So then they decide to go back to the shrine, and see what they can do from here. Unfortunately on the way there they are surprised by an enormous praying mantis, approximately the size of a horse. This surprise enables it to grab the rogue, shake him a bit, then have the rogue get hit by a javelin from the party, disposing of the now -6 health rogue. This rogue was also fairly high up, and took 2d6 falling damage from this, giving him a 90% change of dying. I decided he could roll for this, given that it was a life and death situation.

He made it, he got snake eyes, something in all other situations would be bad, but here saved his life. So he lived, but so did the mantis, and it soon flew over to the party warlock, picked him up, and flew away, then proceeded to drop him, bringing him all the way down to -6. The party samurai then threw his short sword with all his might, actually hitting and killing the mantis, resulting in it almost falling on the warlock, doing 3 damage and just about killing him. So this CR3 threat fighting a level 4 party managed to down 2 of them. It was fairly impressive. And then it was over.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It'll be the end of the world as we know it (But I'm a fucking dragon)

So we began play with the party knight in a bit of a pickle, surrounded by kobolds and a dwarf with guns. This was resolved fairly speedily however, with a big stick and some assistance from officer Snuffles, of the dire badger division.

So the dwarf was mostly strewn across the back wall, one kobold missing an arm, one missing a head, and one beaten to the ground with a magic stick. So that was mission accomplished, even though there was supposed to be no murder involved, meerly taking them in. But whats done is done so it's time to get the reward. They search the dwarf and find several explosive packs and an ever-full mug, things which could be useful, but maybe not right now.

So they return to the chief of the town guard, get their payment, and return to the guild, content to sleep and restore their spells Here they discover the thief they helped to arrest earlier, and are on guard, given he probably wants revenge. They throw him up against a wall, but still hear what he has to say, given he broke out of prison to do it.

He warns them of a great evil brewing, something that would disrupt the power between good and evil, and throw the world into a new layer of hell. They decide to take his word on that and with his assistance, and some basic supplies, journey down into the under-city. They again go to the woman's house, knock on her door, and go through her basement despite the lamentations of the women.

So they continue down, and eventually find their way to the room they were in last, containing one enormous centipede corpse and one small alone kobold wizard. He casts his spell, makes some more centipedes, but they take him down with surprising ease, killing his centipedes with one blow, and the wizard himself only taking 2 hits. They then, after taking his stuff, proceeded down the stairs that alluded them before, and met with some kindly dwarves killing one of the monstrosities from before.

So they meet the dwarves, do a bit of talking, and then they all join up for a decent sized party of 8 people and 2 animals. They then move into the next room containing 1 large mutant and 1 small one, as well as two acid spitting cats. These are again quickly dealt with Coup de Grace dealing with the regeneration and one hit bringing down the cats. Then the end, we continue for the stunning conclusion next week.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rat Queen

 I'm sure everyone who played with me last year remembers the giant rat spewing blob of flesh. Well here are its stats, as I don't think I will use it again, but was pretty happy with how it turned out. I also planned to make a rat behemoth, essentially a colossal version of this that spewed out rat queens, which then made more babies. But that was not really feasible, because by that point the individual rats would be destroyed by fireballs and the like, so I just stuck with this. So without further ado the rat queen.

Rat Queen
Large Animal
HD 10d8 + 63 (108)
Speed 5 ft. (1 squares)
Init -4
AC 15 (-1 size, -4 Dex, +10 natural); touch 5; flat-footed 15
BAB +7; Grp +11
Attack Bite +6 (1d8 plus disease)
Full-Attack Bite +6 (1d8 plus disease)
Space 10 ft.; [b]Reach[/b] 5 ft.
Special Attacks Belch, Death Throes
Special Qualities Damage Reduction 5/-, low-light vision, scent, resistance to acid, cold, electricity, and fire 5
Saves Fort +11 Ref +3 Will +11
Abilities Str 10, Dex 3, Con 21, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 5
Skills Spot +13, Listen +13
Feats Toughness, Improved Toughness, Endurance, Steadfast Determination
Environment Underground
Organization Hive (1 Rat Queen + 5-100 Dire Rats)
Challenge Rating 5
Treasure Standard
Alignment Neutral
Advancement 11-20 (large), 21-30 (huge)
Level Adjustment -

An abomination stands before you, a grotesque heap of flesh, with ratlike claws and feet, and a grotesque head almost dog like. Its belly is constantly wriggling, pregnant with some unknown horrors, and occasionally it seems to scream inaudibly.

Rat Queens are heavily mutated dire rats, from living beneath powerful magical locations, or just insane wizard experiments. Rat queens are rotund, with about a 5 foot radius, demented limbs sticking out from its spherical body.


A Rat Queen rarely if ever attacks with its bite attack using it as a last resort, and sometimes not even then. It can barely move, slowly rolling its way away from danger, while belching out followers to defend it.

Disease (Ex): Filth Fever-bite, Fortitude DC 15, incubation period 1d3 days, damage 1d3 Dex and 1d3 Con. The save DC is constitution based.

Belch (Ex): Every 1d4 rounds a Rat Queen can eject out 1d4+1 Dire Rats, in the squares adjacent if possible, and if not the nearest squares determined randomly. For every rat produced roll a d6, and on a 6 the creature has either the spellwarped or the horrid template, roll to determine which.

Death Throes (Ex): On death the Rat Queen releases 2d4+2 rats, each with a half chance of having a template.