Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The conclusion to one party's partial story

Finally the platform arrives on the heart as before, and they see the god struggling, as if he is waking up, and if he does, it means the end of everything they hold dear, mostly their shop. Unfortunately in the way is something that appears to be an apparition of death, at least he sports the appearance, with a black cloak, scythe, and skeletal claw.

The party has to convince him that the world is worth saving, and that the world ending is not actually for the best. He argues that once the god wakes, everyone will be dead, so he won’t have to claim anymore after. Though this is true, the party still seeks to live, and argues ferociously with the thing that they are best at, words.

To the surprise of everyone this works, they convince this mysterious skeleton that the world is worth saving, that the god needs to be destroyed, and that they should be the ones to do it. So he disappears, and they are left alone with the god. The bard decides he should be the one to do it, and with a mighty stab he pierces the god’s heart, resulting in an enormous explosion of blue light, then nothing.

Then there is a huge crashing, and tumbling. Everyone falls down, and the entire dog appears to shake, and move. What has happened is that the controller of all of these animals has been killed. The cities that everyone had lived on are now collapsing, and everything will change.

So that is the story of a party of adventurers, doing the things they do best, looting, killing and stealing, and in the end doing the right thing, if for the wrong reasons. As for what happens afterwards, well, they make it out of the cave alive, and set out for a new world of discovery and demons, of delirium and desire, of Dungeons and Dragons.

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