Monday, June 4, 2012

A Typical Day

So far the day has been eventful. I couldn't say what a typical day is like for adventurers, but most don't involve fighting zombie pirates as well as mimics and gargoyles. A whole range one might say, and one that I'm not particularly fond of, especially mimics, who's adhesive is simply impossible to get off. I'll start from where I left off last time. We were setting off for parts unknown, and I enchanted my armor and the warrior's weapon. I am now wearing a mithral twilight chain shirt, of admirable quality. Before the end of this it shall be fearsome too, but for now it is merely protection.

Coming to an island we know little about and we find a few seemingly wrecked ships. Naturally our small fleet goes to investigate but are attacked by cannons from those ships. An unexpected predicament, but given what we've been through we are prepared. We set the flagship for ramming speed, and crashed into the first ship while our other two, more heavily armed vessels proceeded to take apart the other two ships. Upon closer inspection there were some strange undead folk aboard the opposing ships, not unlike me though far less intelligent.

The party still does not know of my condition, though I believe the Inquisitor suspects. As of yet it has not been a problem, but sometimes they arise with something like this. I will have to be careful of who reads this diary. Nevertheless my master of necromancy allows me some degree of control over the non-living, forcing them to cower in fear before me. The rest of the crew, including the new shipwright who doesn't seem to know the first thing about building ships, but is a veritable minotaur in a fight, clean up the rest with little difficulty, though the ship slowly sinks from both our cannons and the defeat of her crew members.

Luckily our druid friend has the ability to transform into animals, and once the battle is done he descends to the bottom of the sea and returns with a chest of treasure. This however turned out to be false, and I was glad we had the warrior try to open it, because it sprung up and attacked him. I quickly cowed it into submission, and as it was cowering the shipwright smashed it across the deck, breaking it apart. This done we set up for the island and came upon a wondrous sight.

In the center of an enormous waterfall stood a castle, enormous in size and equally mysterious, it floated over a graveyard of ships, so many drowned at the bottom of the waterfall. Had we not some experienced crew members it may have been us as well, but we landed safely at a small docking platform, though the tower was not unattended. We unfortunately had to leave two of our ships behind, but they will be safe with a good number of crew and cannons.

Just outside of this building was two gargoyles, imposing but not particularly deadly, until they rose up and attacked. Using one of my newly acquired spells I summoned an enormous skeleton to saw through one of their bones, and it did so magnificently, quickly silencing it. The other was quickly dispatched by the party and we quickly moved on. After breaking through several doors we were faced with an obstacle, a bridge filled with holes.

Luckily several of our party were trained enough to leap the gap, and pull the rest of us along. With that done we blew through the wall to the next room and faced a Bulette. A fearsome beast, with four legs and enormous plating, luckily it was not so study on its feet when a patch of grease appeared beneath it, and was quickly felled while it lay on the ground. Unfortunately it had company, and several orcs, and another Bulette arrived in the room.

By this point I was running low on energy, only able to cast the most basic of spells, though my aura of intimidation still scared some of the foes. The orcs quickly retreated, and we stood victorious. Now there were multiple paths, so we split up to cover more ground quickly. The warrior, mercenary captain, and warlock came with me to pursue the fleeing orcs, and arrive in a large ballroom lavishly decorated. The orcs refused to listen to diplomacy, and fled again.

We followed and found an aberrant being, part man and part far realms creature, who we were able to defeat with relative ease, though he was a spellcaster who summoned an ape to defend himself, I must investigate that further. Unfortunately I must leave off now, I will write more when I have time.

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