Monday, April 23, 2012

The City of Fear

We arrived on a new island today, or more of a floating city really, a chance to further my knowledge and perhaps find a cure for this ever-present threat of death. With the first signs of a proper civilization in a while we prepared to unload a variety of ill-gotten gains. Upon docking we ran into an unkind gentleman who demanded we pay for our boats stay. After a brief discussion with just him and me he conceded to let us stay for half of his original asking price, like any proper man would.

After some shrewd negotiating with several merchants along the waters we had amassed a good amount of wealth, and I had earned several new spells. We also found out that there was apparently a bounty posted on most of our heads, for little to no reason, apparently word travels fast around these islands. After taking the posters don we retreated to the ship to discuss the next course of action. On the way however we were assailed by some so-called bounty hunters, who believed themselves better than us, because of our "small bounties".

Within seconds the leader and his comrade had fallen down, and the rest looked terrified, it is truly amazing what one spell can do to mere warriors. Subsequently the party surrounded the two who had fallen, taking their weapons, and small coin that they had on them. The locals fear me now, the very notion of me terrifies them. Occasionally I every scare myself. My group is not though, they will stay by me, even when they discover what depths I may go to.

Throughout the day we commissioned a new flag for our ship, as well as a good amount of repairs which would be needed due to our previous naval battle. I retired at the end of the day to my library, but sunk into rest after not too long, as is need for arcane preparation. I am growing increasingly worried about these pirates, though they seem to be loyal, they have little stake in our fortunes, and could potentially sail off without us, though with our wealth. Perhaps I will research a way to bring them further under control.

As of now though I set about some of our party to go on a resource gathering mission, to find the location of a man named Travis, who has a large bounty on his head. The one armed man and I went underground, also looking for leads but our primary purpose was monetary gain, through which we entered a fighting tournament. It was also a test for the warrior, and while he did perform better than his previous attempts, he still did not do well.

In the end we were of course victorious, due mostly to my fearsome magic. And with that I knew exactly how we could take out Travis, and any possible guards of his. The other members of our group had obtained the possible location of Travis, so we arrived in the unnamed tavern, and asked around. Unfortunately no one knew anything, apart from an extremely fat man who upon intimidation still knew nothing. Most of the room fled under tables and behind chairs, but one particular paladin seemed affronted by our presence.

It turned out he was a follower of Travis, and that the whole tavern was orchestrated as a trap, as paladins rushed in from all directions. A paladin's belief is so fervent that he does not shy from me, he does not believe in fear as it where. Someday I will teach them the true meaning of it, but not this day. At this point I had enacted several powerful defensive spells, so was effectively impossible to hit, aside from the rifles which many of the paladins seemed to have.

Due in part to the druid's new ability to summon a sizable amount of wolves and to fly we defeated them with relative ease, but after searching all through the tavern found nothing. With that disappointment we prepared to leave, and upon exiting found Travis sitting on top of a building, laughing. I immediately sunk a crossbow bolt into him, to initiate the conversation on my terms. After a brief discussion we round he could not be reasoned with, but with a flash of light I made him visible, rendering his traditional trick invalid.

The party slowly climbed up to the top of the building, and with enough wolves we were almost able to put him down, though a few more riflemen did nothing to help matters. He retreated off the roof, but the warrior finally showed his validity as a comrade, and managed to deliver the final blow.

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