Sunday, March 25, 2012

The yetis stole your spellbook

As I write this we stand a chance at taking out our pursuers in an open fight, having gained several allies and a ship since coming to the frozen island. It was truly an inhospitable place, and I'd like to avoid anything that cold, from now on, excluding the strange egg we recovered from the peak of the mountain. It seems to generate a field of cold around it, no matter what is around it, including fire. But before discovering the mysteries of the egg we must ascertain how we acquired it.

As we came upon the frost island first we encountered some marauders, openly flying a pirate flag, and believing us to be a mere merchant ship open fired. This was disadvantageous to both groups, damaging both of our future ships. Luckily ours was significantly more durable than theirs, and we took the direct approach to their boat, ramming straight into its side. I then strode up to helm and stared the captain down, as he has previously survived a cannonball he seemed the toughest opponent.

He flew before me, hiding in his cabin as we were forced to slaughter some of his crew. After seeing what we could do however I was able to convince them that it was not in their best interests to continue fighting, and they surrendered nicely, excluding the first mate who was forced to be put down. When the captain surfaced from his forced flight a little convincing on my part and he became a devoted member of our crew, and his fighting expertise was useful on the relatively dangerous expedition to the icy tundra.

We landed onshore without much difficulty, but unfortunately the arcanists who were said to occupy this island were round the other side, requiring significant expenditure on our part to get there, including a days journey and special winter clothes. Once there however I was affronted to find a sorcerer who greeted us. Luckily there were several wizards around who I was able to converse with on a near equal level, though only their so called master was close to my intelligence.

We took the opportunity to rest for the night, then set off up the mountain, with the wizard behind, hoping to collect some samples from the golems at the top of the mountain, who would unfortunately be resistant to my magics. It was on the way up that we encountered yetis, a large group of them, who were able to deal significant damage to the entire group, including myself, my innocence not enough to protect me. I was able to drive several away, and demoralize others, and in the end we fought and killed a good number of them, at least 15, and were on our way to the top.

The wizard died though, which while tragic news to his followers was a boon to me, for I collected his spellbook thus increasing my number of spells enormously, a fact which I'm sure will help the so called 'greater good'. This was the best treasure gained so far, and will assist in my pursuit of knowledge. At the top of the mountain we found two golems, but also a mercenary group we had met earlier. Luckily the mercenaries took the brunt of the attacks from the golems, though our resident druid contributed with several effective flame spells.

Once we had finished with that we found the cold egg ontop of a plinth, and seized it for our own, unsure of what it contained but sure that it would be of some use if we could hatch it. After descending down the mountain we stopped by the research lab to deliver the corpse of their master and to take as many books from the library as we could, as they were granted to us by his last request.

The rest of the day was spent tramping back to the ships, knowing that before too long our would be pursuers would catch up, if they hadn't already. Overall it was a prosperous trip, with no one of great importance being hurt, at least not severely. I did experience a certain fear, that of imminent death as the yetis had extremely powerful fists, enough to wound if not kill me immediately, I must do something to sort that out.

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