Sunday, February 20, 2011

Body Count

So I figured I would try to keep a running tally of the enemies killed, and times the players were knocked out. In our first session we had:
1 orc boss who killed himself
3 dead orcs, one by horse and two by spear
2 dead human thieves
1 tied up and unconscious Elf Thief
And the party's own Druid knocked out twice.

In the second session we had:
1 warden knocked out, tied up, and pushed down some stairs
6 basic guards with either long swords or longbows knocked out and left to die
2 musket wielding guards dispatched in much the same way
2 high level guards guarding the entrance, swarmed to death
In the party we had the Warblade knocked out once, the Rogue knocked out once, the Totemist knocked out twice, the Samurai knocked out once, and finally the Duskblade, who was not actually knocked out.

As is obvious the second group had significantly more kills and knock outs, as is like to happen in a prison break, and the first group doing a little less killing and a little more investigating.

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