Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

This Tuesday we had a day off school, so as is natural we had D&D. I decided that as an aside from the regular campaigns we'd just mash everyone together and run an old classic, the Sunless Citadel. This was actually the first thing I ever ran as a real DM, and it was about a year and a half ago, it worked alright, but was really more of an experiment than an attempt at a campaign. This time we ran it with the Druid, the Dragon Shaman, the Ranger, the Bard, the Warblade, the Samurai now Cleric, and the Duskblade.

So we started off in the town of Oakhurst, and after hearing some rumors about a castle down the road, they headed to the citadel. I figured the rope climb at the beginning would be simple, what with the DC 0 to climb, but we had the cleric player get a 1 on the climb check, plus his armor check giving him about -6, and falling down for minimal damage. The druid also decided to bring horse down, possibly his worst idea yet. The rats at the bottom of the rope proved no problem, though they did some minor damage to the druid, it was the staircase following that resulted in troubles. See the druid decided to ride his horse down the 5 ft. stairs above the 80 ft. drop. The conclusion was natural, especially with a 1 on the balance check for the horse.

One failed reflex save and the druid + mount ended up splatted at the bottom, in what was probably the worst character death I've seen. Then there was the pit trap in front of the door, that was fun. First the warblade falls down the pit, then the duskblade decides to tumble down the hole, hoping it will help, he fails and takes 6 damage. I'd like to point out I rolled max on both of the falling damage rolls. The dragon shaman glides his way down, and they beat the single dire rat at the bottom, though it was actually the Ranger shooting down that killed it, none of the melee really did anything.

After getting out of the pit, they proceeded to the door, which lead to a fairly empty tower room. Here they found the secret door, and found the druid player again, this time playing a, wait for it, druid. This was mostly for simplicity, as making a new character really would've taken too long, and the player needed to do something. The rest of the players don't really trust the druid, and for a good reason, as he is not really being cooperative. They then realize that they need someone to set off their traps, so he becomes the general party meat shield. So he charges headfirst into all the next encounters, including another dire rat, and a Quasit, an imp thing.

After this they wandered through the dungeon, at one point judicious use of acid helping them to get through a stone door. And solving a nice riddle, which one player believes I should use more. Another notable event, was an orb that forced the players to leave the room. That was fun, taking potshots at the orb from outside the radius, then when that didn't appear to be working, brute force to smash the orb. It worked, though it probably took about half an hour of in game time. We ended the session with them fighting the Quasit, it having already knocked out the druid. I decided we weren't really making any progress, what with its regeneration and DR, and I was getting really tired, so it just kind of ended. I don't think we will continue this dungeon, though if I ever truly run out of ideas we might.

So a body count, 5 dead dire rats, 3 crumbled skeletons, 1 druid and one horse, and they never even met Meepo. As a final note, there were a total of 10 1's rolled, and only 5 20's, kind of funny how that happens.

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