Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Centipedes Down Under

This is the second session of our first group, so it is the continuing adventures of the human druid, dragonborn dragon shaman, elf ranger, and aasimar bard.

We started the group off as we ended last session, one tied up thief and a few bodies in an alley. The party retreated back to the shack they call a guild, and after some healing from the dragon shaman did a little interrogation work. This took a little while to begin, as the "good cops" decided to try interrogation and the bad ones just kind of sat there. Eventually it got sorted out though, and they found out that under torture anyone will admit to anything, so they found out some information, and carted him over to the shopkeeper, to get a reward. They did, getting the benefit of reduced prices at the shop, and a small 50 gold bounty. Then they decided to go to the location the thief claimed to have sold his good at.

Here they spent a lot of time, trying to burn, smash, and politely ask to get through, all to no avail, as the metal simply wouldn't budge. Then the waiting came. Waiting for an entire day as the bard busked outside, hoping that some mysterious person might go in, but no one did. Finally they tried to go up to the roof, and pry their way in, again resulting in no obvious effect. This is when they took the clue that maybe they should try doing something different. They retreated back to the guild, and had a nice little rest, to regain the few spells lost.

Now I had a standard situation, the frantic woman comes and begs for help, because of the monsters in the basement. Now I have used this before, and still feel it is a little cliche, but sometimes the job just needs to get done. In the basement there was an extremely large centipede, though given its low health and AC, it went down fairly quickly. This is not the end of the story however, and in this basement there was the hole that the centipede came from leading to a location that I think I will have some fun with, called the undercity. See this current city is build on the remains of buildings past, as instead of destroying the old they simply built on top, gradually creating a maze of crumbling masonry, forgotten memories, and deadly monsters.

That last part is the important bit, and will almost certainly play into the story later, but in this small area all they found were centipedes, a nest of sorts. I had small, medium, large, and even one huge one to fight, and they were fairly easy overall, as I overestimated the difficulty of hitting them, in that most of the players average rolls were about 15, as opposed to the 10 I was expecting. But I digress, what they really found was the remnants of ages past, a city devoid of people. So after fighting through a whole lot of centipedes, they decide it's time to head back, and with the kind lady's permission rest in her house. For killing the monster plaguing her basement they also get a fine lute that has been passed down for generations, giving +1 to inspire courage.

What followed was some information gathering about undercity, various trinkets they found, and the lute, as well of the fixing of the ranger's bow, which was natural 1'd to an early death. So the ranger now has a masterwork bow, they are all a bit closer to leveling up, and courage shall be inspired to all, for an even bigger boost. Still a lot of 1s rolled though.

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