Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It'll be the end of the world as we know it (But I'm a fucking dragon)

So we began play with the party knight in a bit of a pickle, surrounded by kobolds and a dwarf with guns. This was resolved fairly speedily however, with a big stick and some assistance from officer Snuffles, of the dire badger division.

So the dwarf was mostly strewn across the back wall, one kobold missing an arm, one missing a head, and one beaten to the ground with a magic stick. So that was mission accomplished, even though there was supposed to be no murder involved, meerly taking them in. But whats done is done so it's time to get the reward. They search the dwarf and find several explosive packs and an ever-full mug, things which could be useful, but maybe not right now.

So they return to the chief of the town guard, get their payment, and return to the guild, content to sleep and restore their spells Here they discover the thief they helped to arrest earlier, and are on guard, given he probably wants revenge. They throw him up against a wall, but still hear what he has to say, given he broke out of prison to do it.

He warns them of a great evil brewing, something that would disrupt the power between good and evil, and throw the world into a new layer of hell. They decide to take his word on that and with his assistance, and some basic supplies, journey down into the under-city. They again go to the woman's house, knock on her door, and go through her basement despite the lamentations of the women.

So they continue down, and eventually find their way to the room they were in last, containing one enormous centipede corpse and one small alone kobold wizard. He casts his spell, makes some more centipedes, but they take him down with surprising ease, killing his centipedes with one blow, and the wizard himself only taking 2 hits. They then, after taking his stuff, proceeded down the stairs that alluded them before, and met with some kindly dwarves killing one of the monstrosities from before.

So they meet the dwarves, do a bit of talking, and then they all join up for a decent sized party of 8 people and 2 animals. They then move into the next room containing 1 large mutant and 1 small one, as well as two acid spitting cats. These are again quickly dealt with Coup de Grace dealing with the regeneration and one hit bringing down the cats. Then the end, we continue for the stunning conclusion next week.

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  1. No mention of the '*ing Dragons' pet DEATH? :p