Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Crabs, the Crabs!

The tomb continues to be frightening. But it is oh so enlightening. There are 3 skeletal champions still up, and the party is not in top shape. Luckily the totemist is a whirling frenzy of death, and pounces on a skeleton, missing all but one attack. Not the best start to a session. The rest of the party does alright though, the engineer and samurai doing decent damages against their respective skeletons. The fight is actually fairly easily won, and the loot that is had is good.

They gain one magical breastplate, and the warlock heavily considers a steel shield, though eventually decides against it. So they search around the room, and find a secret door, what a twist. The totemist manages a natural 20 to break it, and crumbles it into dust. The hallway they stumble upon is treated with immense distrust, and the warlock investigates the ceiling.

Unfortunately the trap contained the entire wall, up to and including the ceiling, and he is hit by several darts with dex poison. Even failing the two saves he still only loses two dex, so comes off fairly lucky. They now open the door at the end of the hallway, and find a priest of some kind praying at an alter to Nerull. They attempt some diplomacy, but it doesn't go too well. The warlock is hit by an inflict wounds spell, and falls from the ceiling at -8. The rest of the party rushes after him, and the totemist just about brings him down with a few attacks.

He then runs away,  but the party catches up and absolutely destroys him. The totemist smashes him into a wall several times, and the samurai cuts off his arm, leaving him far far from life. They then realize they are an enormous room with one to two hundred corpses, all filed away into coffins. The room is harrowing, and they all decide to not investigate, a move that was probably for their best.

They decide to camp out in the previous room with their bears guarding them from any nasties. Their sleep goes as well or better than expected, and they wake up fine. Then they leave and travel towards the beach. A few large eagles are waiting for them, and their flyby attacks prove to be quite troubling.

The eagles are dealt with through two occurrences, one the totemist with a worse grapple check successfully grappling and almost taking down one of them. And the other is a summoned wolf being tossed at the eagle by the engineer, dealing a large amount of damage. With those dealt with they yet again head to the beach. They arrive at it, and plan out their ambush of the magistrate.

The ambush is where the end of the session occurred, as just as it was being sprung, a giant crab scuttled its way out of the water.

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