Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Forestfull of Mantises

The second party now on an epic quest to do absolutely nothing. First things first, they meet up with a strangely charismatic warforged who offers to sell a thunderstone to the party totemist. This is then shat right back at him, and the totemist skips off merrily. Great first impression and all. Luckily the rogue is there to smooth things over, and with a little convincing he goes to meet the rest of the party, including the engineer who was forging his full plate very slowly.

Struck by lack of things to do, they retreat back to the tavern. Luckily they run into a holy man carrying an enormous sword who threatens them asking for the location of the dragon egg. He then takes the rouge hostage with permission from the the party, and they agree to meet tomorrow to figure out where they are going.

The trip down is fairly uneventful, running into no beasties, and in fact running into no kobolds. What they do find is a mass of gnomes who claim to have slaughtered the kobolds, the paladin then begins praying in front of the egg, and the party runs off while his back is turned. They run all the way back to town, but encounter a small cloaked figure flanked by two very much larger figures. They are asked by him to go and find the dragonslayer bow, and to kill the dragon egg below.

Conflicting opinions on exactly what to do next but in the end they decide they will definitely find the bow, though not necessarily kill the dragon with it. The engineer is still working on his full plate, so they have to wait a few more days before they can leave the city, and go ask a particularly knowledgeable kobold about the bow.

In the mean time the new warforged party member goes and sells his wares to passers by and tavern people netting a fairly decent amount of money, which he promptly goes off and spends on scrolls. By this time the session is coming to its conclusion, and so we pick up next week with the journey through the forest.

Everyone has bought all their equipment, and is prepared to set out for the dangerous journey to the town. Before they leave they bought maps of the area, as well as the town and the continent. And so they decide to take the quickest way off the city, and dive off with feather fall prepared for when they just about reach the ground.

This works perfectly fine, except for maybe indicating insanity to any watchers. So they set off towards the town, and have a fairly uneventful travel for the first maybe 4 hours. Then there is a dire bear. RAWR!. The enormous bear takes a swat at the party engineer, dealing enormous damage.

Luckily the party is fairly ready for this, and deal out an enormous amount of damage before the bear has a chance to respond, and then the mauling starts. The rogue had a brilliant plan, run up and stab the beast, but after his first attack was quickly knocked down for his insolence.

The summoned beasts from the warforged wizard are also subsequently dealt with, though not without significant damage done to the bear. Eventually the totemist brings it down with a great pounce tearing right through it's head. Its claws are subsequently made into gauntlets for him.

The travels conclude with a praying mantis encounter, in which the rogue is again lifted off and brought closer to death than he would ever like to be. Eventually however the party arrives a the town, and finds it nearly completely destroyed, plants having taken over much of the surroundings and few buildings left standing.

A short discussion with the only remaining guard reveals there are a few families left, him, and the blacksmith. The blacksmith especially peaks there interest because he was not the nicest of fellows and they had been planning his torture for many weeks now.

But the target of their search was to be found, and they discovered the approximate location of the bow, as well as a little bit more information about the dragon. They learned it was one of an ancient species of dragons long wiped out, Regulator dragons. They leveled up then, and the session ended.

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