Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Sort of Monstrous Menagerie

Back to the first party again, we combine two sessions into one for the ultimate fusion. In this first session the party once again adventurers out unwittingly into danger, demons are slain, and some devious deals are done.

Onto the session, the first thing that happens is an assassin of sorts. The party bard hears things inside his head, and unlike all those other times, he's not crazy. He is told to come outside or the store he loves so much will be destroyed. So he strolls out, with the now invisible dragon shaman stepping behind him.

Instantly he is shot by two large arrows, taking a large amount of damage and still not quite sure where the shots came from. Everyone then tumbles out, looking this way and that for the source of the arrows, but no one can find them. This time 4 arrows find their way towards the party, and finally the little kobold sorcerer spots some sort of monster wielding two bows just above them.

So the dragon shaman flys up, gets an attack, or a miss as the case was, and becomes a very disenchanted pincushion, no longer happy with the idea of being the meatshield. The real MVP of the fight was the sorcerer, who shot a couple of rays at the demon, knocking its dex down to next to nothing, resulting in many more misses.

The demon however then summons another of his kind, resulting in a very desperate party, with everyone low on health even with the healers healing. Luckily the knight finally finished his ascension to the platform where the demons stood, and did an enormous amount of damage to the weakened one, almost completely obliterating it. With this the other demon teleported away, never to be heard from again.

Then the bard goes with the healer to go and convince the church of Pelor to assist them with their assault on Dr. Satan's lair. This goes well with a little help from glibness, and a magnificent quantity of bullshit. So then everyone goes to rest, to let them think it over.

Next day, everyone wakes up, things seem to be a bit worse, with chaos in the streets and several buildings on fire in the distance. Being the heroic heroes they are the party rushes towards the disturbance, and finds a small group of outnumbered clerics trying to fight off a larger number of Dr. Satan's mutants. One breaks off from the group, and offers to help along with his companion, and they all set off for the probably final assault on the underground.

First they encounter a huge centipede zombie, who is easily dealt with, but his two friends offer more problems. Everyone saves their bigger bangs for later, using only the bare-most of resources, and they set off down a long winding staircase to Dr. Satan's lair. Eventually they arrive at a bend, hearing loud noises from the left the bard goes to investigate.

Here he finds an enormous ogre, but with his newly learned spell charm monster he manages to convince him to be friends, after only one smack of the ogre's club. Unfortunately they have bigger problems to worry about, literally, as an enormous centipede rushes down from the ceiling, crushing the ogre completely, it then takes a big old bite out of the bard, leaving him on the border between death and life.

The healer runs up, heals him, and they all begin running at top speed. The sorcerer drops a web, but it doesn't hold him for long, as the centipede smashes and crawls its way slowly towards them.

In the next room they find several orc guards, again dealt with quickly, especially with the added time pressure of the centipede pressing in. Running past the knight running ahead he falls into a pit trap with spikes. He is given a potion of fly, and helps to fly all of them out of there as quickly as possible. With that dealt with they sprint into the next room, hearing some loud thrashing from just behind them.

Alas, a wizard. The wizard creates a large noxious cloud which the party stumbles out of, unable to fight the guards who mercilessly attack them. At this point they are not that interested in fighting, and instead run off towards the next door they see, another trap door.

Instead of opening it the dragon shaman breathes fire, burning it to cinders, and they see the centipede burst through the little hallway, and devour two of the guards, with the wizard subsequently going invisible. Down the stairs they go, and we finish up the session there.

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