Saturday, September 3, 2011

Now all we need to do is stop the world from ending!

The day started off fine enough, but by the end of it the party had lost two comrades and were no closer to their goal. They had constructed a new objective however, and it was coming along swimmingly.

Last the session the party had lost their monk, and after recovering from their devastation (which lasted all of 5 seconds) they started the slow climb back to their home city. Along the way they met a friendly neighborhood ogre, who demanded a small pilgrimage for their travels.

They, being adventurers,  resorted to violence immediately, talking only to set up a better tactical position. The party landed the first, second, and third blows and it looked like victory would come quick and easy. Then the ogre got serious. He slammed the dwarf knight against the wall, knocking him unconscious.

His next action was to skillfully dodge the flying dragon shaman, who had set up an expertly crafted attack, ruined by the cursed fate of the natural one. All that was left of the party was the fragile skeleton, and the bard. The skeleton was not the heartiest of the party, and promptly exploded into so many little bits upon collision with the wall.

The damage the ogre had taken however finally caught up with him, and after a little bit of prodding from the bard and a spear through the back from the dragon shaman he collapsed. The rest of the ascension was fairly uneventful.

After retreating home and acquiring an enormous bag of holding the party made a decision. This was quite a surprise. They planned to start a business, with the bard as the face, the knight as the muscle, and the dragon shaman as the manager. Quite some discussion later and the party had hired an architect as well as a plan to make money, they would do what they were best at, killing monsters.

So they adventured out, charging ahead to take out a monster that had been terrorizing a small area just a bit away from their new base. This creature as it turns out has enormous claws, stretching the length of the room. Even with this it is fairly easily disposed of. Just as they were leaving however, they were assaulted by a monster of monstrous proportions.

It smacked the knight into unconsciousness, then the dragon shaman, then the knight again as the bard brought him up, then the dragon again, and so on until he missed a few times, and was subsequently pulverized. This is where this session ended, the party huddling in their home happy with a days work.

Next came the recruiting of some people to work in the shop. The bard was good at talking to people, and managed to convince a dwarf wizard and his 6 sons to help work with whatever they could catch and kill, as well as hiring a sorcerer and a healer, both new PCs.

The knight and dragon set up a routine of descending into the underbelly of the city and bringing back some centipedes for the workers to cut up for armor and weapons. With all the shop sorted out, all that was left to do was stop the world from ending.

Their first idea was to try and get recruits from the leader of the local city. After a failed try to get into the city gates the session ended, most of it was spent discussing various things, with nothing really getting done.

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