Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Burning Desire (For Loot)

Today's session was the first party again, and this time someone besides the druid got knocked out, it was very exciting.

We started the session off as we normally do, everybody fully rested inside of their ramshackle shack called a guild. Being the bounty hunters they are they went to the bounty board, an incredibly useful plot device. Advertised was a man driven out of house and home by a glowing, floating ball of light, which the party druid identified as a will o' wisp, not entirely accurate but a good guess.

After confronting the owner of the house and strong arming him for a better reward they departed to his house in the upper class part of town. After arguing about the best way to go inside, and the party druid going all the way back to the tavern, only to find out that the door was in fact, unlocked, they finally get in. Here they see a fairly nice house, and journey into the kitchen to find a glowing purple orb who with the surprise round shoots a ray of energy at the resident tank, the dragon shaman.

What follows is a fairly low key battle, between the CR 1 spark, a cat, and the party. They managed to take down the spark with only two hits, and minimal loss of HP, though the cat proved a bit more trouble. See this was a special cat, one that can fly and spit acid, it is a very special cat. The spark was his too, and this acid takes a minor toll on the party ranger. After dispatching the cat with its huge 2 hit points they proceeded upstairs, only to be greeted by an ambush.

Death cats, a party's worst enemy. These guys are actually CR 1/4, just optimized with some soulmelds. So up the stairs there are 2 cats, one to the front, and one to the back, which resulted in a fairly fun battle, being attacked from both directions. With some above average rolls from the dragon shaman, and some courage from the bard the fight ended well, and then the druid decided that he didn't want to waste his fire from the battle, so the obvious solution was to toss it at the first thing he saw, in this case a large wooden bookcase in the large wooden house. I suppose fire is always fun.

As a further proof the next encounter after claiming their reward is a burning house, not caused by the druid, but by some rats. They actually acted fairly heroic here, going up and even saving an orc from the building, though the party bard was assuming lotr orcs and was fairly surprised they didn't kill it immediately. I suppose I should mention here that the druid was knocked unconscious, yet again. This person may prove to be of some importance later, or not, either way. The key is choice, and their choices will definitely affect what happens next.

Next they retreated back to their "guild" and had a little rest, recovering spells and such. Here they fought an interesting creature called a Necrophidus, a skeletal snake with a human skull. This guy managed  to down both the oblivious ranger who managed to roll a 1 on both spot and listen, and bring the bard down to 0 HP, tough he subsequently healed himself, so in the end a good fight was had, bringing everyone up to the next level, after about 13 1/2 encounters.

And here is where we ended it, with everyone leveling up. It seems like it was the party ranger who got the short straw this time, having at least four ones in this session, though I suppose it all balances out given her 4 20s in the other.

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