Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rocky Road

Second party today. We began with what many sessions begin with, the disposing of the body. Of course in this case it was the body of their comrade, the recently deceased warblade guard. The party decided it was not worth the thousand gold to reincarnate him, so off the city he goes. Now they realize they are wanted criminals, and should probably do their best to get out of town so it's time to hop off.

I don't think I've described the world before, so here is the basic description. In this world pretty much all the major cites are situated on the backs of giant animals, like really really big. For example the city this party is in is, called Innisfraught, is situated on the back of an enormous horse like animal. So getting off the city is a bit more involved than just leaving the gates. There plan was to simply jump off the back off the animal, with a friendly wizard casting feather fall so they don't fall to their deaths. Now normally feather fall would not work at such a distance, but this is a slight homebrewed version, such as my lower level create food and water which provides sustenance for the cities.

So they hopped off the city, and landed in the mountains at the northern part of the continent. Now these mountains are fraught with dwarves, kobolds, and gnomes, all fun to play out, and on their journey they met all of these. The party decides to head south, on the basis that the lord of Innisfraught is traveling south with a guard. They plan to help stop any would be attackers hopefully earning the lord's trust and his "rupees". Their first encounter would be with some troublesome gnomes.

See these gnomes were actually sorcerers who used color spray and silent image, which can be used to both knock out and confused the enemy, or in this case the party. So they arrive at a roadblock, (actually illusionary), and are accosted by a gnome, who demands 400 gold for the four of them, which they promptly refuse. They plan to come back at night, and as befits an evil party murder them in their sleep. So the ninja, totemist, and warlock go out to attack some gnomes, leaving the cleric behind to sleep.

This doesn't end so well as the tent they find contains one awake gnome, and after a few failed stealth checks and the ninja sticking his head through the flap resulting in a color spray to the face, and unconsciousness. The totemist then charges straight in, fails a grapple check to a natural 20, and gets color sprayed. The warlock then decides to just break the tent and stabs the gnome for max damage, which with his -2 strength is only 6, but enough to bring the gnome down.

After some cleanup with potions, everyone retreats back, and the warlock decides to hang out on the side of a mountain. I guess the totemist would want me to mention, he punted the gnome's corpse up a tree. So some non common speaking dwarves walk by, and the warlock fires a "non-hostile" eldritch blast over the dwarves head, and their response of throwing axes was very surprising to him. So the rest of the party wakes up and rushes out to fight and fairly easily defeat the dwarves.

Now it's late so I'll be brief. They then ran into the old warblade player playing a dwarf engineer in half plate mech armor. Then they kept going south, found some kobolds, talked to them, then wandered into a kobold's lair, triggered a few traps, found the kobold leader, then were shunted out and we ended it there with a level up. So everyone but the engineer is level 3, though both the ninja and totemist are taking a level of monk. Party now is Warlock 3, Cleric 3, Ninja 2/ Monk1, Totemist 2/ Monk 1, Engineer 2.

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