Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Little Town Goes a Long Way

Not too much happened in today's session, we started back in the mountains. So after a good night's rest and a level up the party is ready to depart. After heading south for a significant amount of time they come upon a group of kobolds. After a little bit of talk, and deciding just to pass them by they attempt to depart.

This is the kobold's cue to attack, and a swarm of rocks come pelting the party's way. Everyone turns around and a fierce battle ensues. No one in the party actually gets knocked out, though the party ninja manages to miss with a lot of shurikens and the party totemist/grappler manages to be out-grappled by the kobold. The main effect of this was minor wounds to the party, prepping them for their next encounter.

What the party did do was take the kobold leader as their prisoner, tying him up and strapping him on the totemist's back. They proceed south and arrive in a forest, here is where they find the first town for a long time, and they don't think about the kobold, and cart him around the entire town, almost being driven out because of it. So now instead of sleeping in an inn or anything they camp a bit outside the town and settle down to sleep.

Zombies! The party leave the engineer to guard them, and he is sneak attacked by zombies because of his abysmal spot and listen. He figures he can take these two and tries to solo them with his spears. This doesn't end up working too well and he requests help from his sleeping comrades with great prejudice. So everyone is awake, but the battle goes on for quite a while because of the timely arrival of a zombie wolf.

 The zombies manage to bring down most of the party to single digits, but no one is actually knocked unconscious, and the rest of the night goes on uneventfully. After they wake up they decide just to kill the kobold that they had worked so hard to keep, because they couldn't decide anything else to do with him. The session started to break down at this point, with some people journeying in to town and others just wandering around.

Sorry that this was brief but I have had kind of a difficult week. So not much happened this session, but I hope for more next week.

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