Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

We begin the session back at the guild as always, now with a new member of the group, but not party, not yet anyway. So the party realizes they are missing some equipment and head over to their dear friend mister shopkeeper who they don't know the name of. They see him arguing with a large customer, somewhat similar to a dwarf. This is our new party member.

You see he is a half-minotaur dwarf knight. After defusing the situation and giving a discount to this stranger they coerce him into joining them. Happy as a clam to have an actual bruiser in the party they set up to destroy the door that ever thwarted them before. The one they sat around waiting for a day just for something to happen. This time they do manage to break it, only to be surprised by what is inside.

They find two apparent stoners sitting in chairs around a table, as well as 2 doors. In a typically militaristic fashion they proceed to guard the doors to prevent them from escaping, then talk to them. After finding out that they know nothing, they go through the other doors very little. They find a room full of bunk beds as well as one sleeping occupant, after just about everyone leaves the ranger is left alone with the two original guys, who reveal they are a bit more aggressive than expected and attack with daggers. Incidentally the ranger player was not here and was played by the warlock player from the other party.

These sneak attacks manage to deal about half of her health, resulting in some worried players and some screams from the character. This causes everyone to run towards them, and combat begins. The druid runs in and uses flaming sphere to deal a moderate amount of damage to one, and the ranger sprints away as fast as she can. The little rogues now run over and try to stab the druid, resulting in a couple of bad rolls and misses. After some more fire, and the timely arrival of the knight and the battle was over.

Next came some "interrogation" work on the sleeping dude, as he was knocked into unconsciousness and revived multiple times due to the dragon shaman's healing aura. Eventually he revealed that he knew nothing, but the house was a hotspot for people coming and going, so after some investigation work they find a trap door, which the party druid ever reckless immediately opens. A successful reflex save later and he takes no damage, and soon descends into the depths.

After all the party reaches the bottom, with no one falling luckily, they proceed forward into a  hallway. Oh look, a pit trap, some one should really think about these things. So everyone falls down, some taking less damage than others, and are in a cage. Of course no cage can hold a man with 20 strength, so a few smacks later and they are out to fight the wardens.

These wardens are giant dwarves similar to the knight, with mutated lumps of flesh for hands, which they use as clubs. Druid uses an entangle hitting two of them, and the bard greases another. Unfortunately, for the party at least, two of them made their saves and come lumbering towards the party. The knight gets knocked down quite a bit of health, brought all the way down to 2, then promptly healed again, and manages to tank it out bringing all of the enemies to unconsciousness and bringing the session to an end.

This was unfortunately a short session, as making the character took quite a bit of time, and we started a  bit late anyways. We'll resume it next time as they attempt to escape from their underground prison.

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