Thursday, March 17, 2011

Undead Rising

So this week's sessions were surprisingly crime free, those this one did involve a rather large amount of zombies.

We started off in the small town of Eastbrook, located on the ground in a forest, and under constant assault. The culprits consisting of masses and masses of zombies, rampaging through the town every night for the past week, resulting in a terrified populous, and some adventurers sensing something to do. After asking around town for a while they discover that the town has tried and failed to fight back, and that the zombies have been coming from the east.

They also discover that there is a wizard living at the edge of town, someone they suspect may be involved. A visit to his house results in very little, as he tells them what they already knew, and offers no help nor safety. They wander around for a while, meeting up with a blacksmith who they claim is overcharging for his weaponry, and the party warlock goes off in a huff.

They decide to spend the night at the Wolf's tavern, and see for themselves what is going on. Everyone but the warlock falls asleep and heals, resulting in them ready to face the new day. Fortunately for them the huge swarm of zombies, at least dozens, rushing past are not interested in the tavern, and leave before the morning sun rises. After this, and some bargaining for holy water they set off in a hope to stem the flow of the zombies, putting an end to the worries of the town and hopefully earning a healthy reward.

After marching for about 2 hours with their top  tracker, the totemist, they find what appears to be a trap, in that they sprung the zombie trap, as zombies attacked. They were only 2 zombies, but they managed to do a good bit of damage to the party, at the very least shaking them up for the next encounter, which had a good more than 2 zombies.

See these were not ordinary zombies, not like the ones they faced before. These zombies where able to run and were more difficult to hit, as well as able to sustain an enormous amount of damage. So they defeated these leaving the ninja at single digit health, and continued on. The next encounter was with 6 zombies, and some howling in the distance which could mean anything.

It turned out the real villain here was the party's totemist, managing to damage not only himself, but the cleric and engineer too. See this totemist managed to roll 3 ones to hit, and a few more otherwise, dealing enough damage to down the cleric and engineer, though at different times. They still managed to survive with the warlock blasting down from a tree and the ninja shoving a healing potion down the cleric's throat so he could heal, but at the end of the session it was a fairly close fight, a bad indication for their probable future.

We ended the session here as it was getting late. I also would have posted this earlier but I was too busy playing this game, incidentally, I will pay five dollars to anyone who can finish level 19 on the game.

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